10% of ALL Sales Are Tithed To The Church!

About Us


Our Short Story

A cradle Catholic who had fallen away from the Church for 12 years after coming home from the military.  Fallen away not just from the Church, but from God altogether; and not just falling away, but attacking the existence of Him entirely. 

Towards the end of that time, God, religion, and Christianity were almost gone until God called out one more and possibly last time.  That call was great and unmistakeable which lead to an instant wake up and reversion back to everything - God, the Church, and Catholicism!

Instead of running away from Him, the Holy Spirit lit a fire that cannot be extinguished, and have been running full force towards Him ever since!


Learning From Scratch

Heavy Metal Rosaries was started because it was really hard to find the perfect rosary that one could think of online, in the store, or anywhere!

 Learning how to make rosaries using various methods, techniques, and tools took time to get to where our products are today.  Whether it's crafted from traditional wire and ball chain to steel wire rope and steel beading wire there is something for everyone (yes there is a corded version coming eventually).
Everything is done by hand to ensure for quality and to meet your specifications, and if you have a hard time coming up with something on your own you can always draw inspiration from our past works or let Heavy Metal Rosaries come up with a design for you!


Always Improving

Heavy Metal Rosaries is always finding new ways to improve and innovate: utilizing new tools, perfecting new methods, improving upon or even coming up new designs and concepts found nowhere else!
Come back frequently to see what's new, and thank you for considering Heavy Metal Rosaries; God Bless.