10% of ALL Sales Are Tithed To The Church!



1) Start with a BASE

Starting from left to right:

  • 1/16 inch steel wire rope
  • 1/32 inch steel wire rope
  • 40 strand steel beading wire

(The above options require spacer beads)

  • 1.8mm ball chain
  • 2.1mm ball chain
  • 2.4mm ball chain

(Ask about various colors!)

  • 22 gauge wire
  • 20 gauge wire (Clergy Strength)
  • 18 gauge wire
  • 16 gauge wire

(The smaller the gauge the thicker the wire)

#95, Micro, and Nano nylon paracord rope is also available!


2) Add BEADS

Tell us your ideal material, shape, color, and size.


3) Choose a Centerpiece and Crucifix

Tell us what style, color, and size of each as well as any special devotion or Saint you'd like for the centerpiece.

4) That's It!

Once we know what you want, we search the internet to find it and at the lowest cost!
We will then present what we find and you make your final choices from there.


Free Consultation and Quotes
Pricing is dependent upon the materials chosen.
No parts will be ordered until payment is received in full